Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner! ;

Thanks so much for the people who commented on the giveaway!  We appreciate the love!  Now~for the good stuff...the winners!  Congratulations to our four winners, we will be emailing you today!

Kristen won one of the 2 pattern packs!

I just started sewing for my 3.5 yr old daughter and TWIN (almost 2 yr old) boys (I didn't realize you were twins until the other day when I sat down and read some stuff on FB)! I would SOOOOOO love to win the pattern pack so I can make some stuff for my little ones! I really love the Waldorf inspired dolls and would love to make each of my little ones....especially since one of the twins keeps stealing his big sister's dolls! :) Love your items! Thank you SO much for sharing your talents! - Kristen Kozeliski Katula

Avital won the other pattern pack!

I would SO love to win the patterns! The dresses are cute cute cute, but I have two little boys. You two are so awesome with what you do, your patterns, and your doll giveaways!

Angelina won the first dress!
either dress would be super lovely! thank you! beautiful creations..

Kristin won the second dress!

I would love to win dress #2 for our fifth child, our first baby girl, Stella Rose. Congratulations on two years!

Now~don't get down if you didn't win.  Hop on over to Windfall Dolls on Friday for a chance at a Windfall Doll!

Hugs~Laura and Julia

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