Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A Celebration of Two Years in Business With a Giveaway!

Today is a milestone of sorts. Two years ago today we made a change, we changed from being makers of goods, to sellers of patterns. 

We had a business, Adirondack Mama's Gifts, selling handmade goods for babies, and adults.  Everything sewn from our 4 hands hands, and sewing machines.  Whisked away and piled into our vehicles, with our boys in tow, these goods were brought to craft fairs at local farmers markets, and were widely praised. We had repeat customers, lots of word of mouth referrals. 

Overall a huge success!

Eben in 2009~so little!
This was our first farmer's market!

We made bibs, bags, burp cloths, blankies, booties, sewing wraps, needles cases, coloring wraps, and dresses. All of these things made with our own patterns, and in a huge variety of fabrics!

Here we are Spring 2009
Boy did we have a blast!

Here is one of the 100 or so dresses I made

One of Julia's Coloring Wraps (another 100 or so made and sold)

A Diaper Wrap

Unfortunately in early 2010 we decided to close up shop due to the numerous restrictions by the US Government and labeling restrictions on goods for children.  

We cried, we moped, and we got angry.  Then we got real. So, if we can't sell our goods, lets sell our original patterns! That way we still have creative freedom, and we can allow other people to make lovely things for their little ones!

So Adirondack Patterns came to life!

Over the 2 years in business as a pattern shop we have grown a lot!
And we have almost 1000 sales under our belt!

Julia designs Waldorf Inspired Dolls, and accessories

Like this adorable rosette hair band!

 A Waldorf Inspired Baby Doll (One of our BIGGEST sellers!)

And last, but not least...the Lillipals!

I came up with a slew of crochet patterns
The Hayden Beret

The Textured Vest

And A Newborn Going Home Dress (another huge seller)

So, as a thank you to our fans~we would like to offer up a giveaway!

We are offering to TWO separate winners each one of the two dresses below!

With Summer peaking it's head around the corner, I thought some summer dresses might be in order!

These dresses are from the patterns I used to make the ones we sold, and also inspired our Waldorf Doll Pattern found here:

(Dress # 1)
12-18 MONTHS Size


Dress # 2

Also 12-18 MONTHS size

That is not all!!!

ALSO TWO more separate winners will win a choice of any TWO patterns in our shop!


In order to win, you must comment below, stating if you would like to win the dress (which one, #1, or #2), or the 2 pattern choices, and provide your email address in your comment.  

Additional Entries (Additional Chances!)

1.Like Adirondack Patterns on Facebook, and leave a comment letting us know you did so!
2. Blog or Tweet About the giveaway,telling people where to come, and leave a comment letting us know you did so.

Entries must be in by Midnight 3/27/12

Thanks Again~enjoy the giveaway!
Sincerely, Julia and Laura (Adirondack Mama's)


  1. I'd love to win the pattern pack. Congratulations! Thanks, mamalusco at ortelco dot net

  2. I follow on FB, too! Congrats :) Thanks, mamalusco at ortelco dot net

  3. Oh what fun! Congratulations to both of you - I love your blogs and your pattern/tutorials have been great to work with. I would love the patterns as my daughter has inspired me to really get back into sewing for pleasure. I am posting your blog on my Facebook page as well - thanks sharing all your wonderful talents. Liza - my email is lizaahern at gmail dot com

  4. Congratulations! It was nice to read about your history and movement into pattern selling. I would love the chance to win the patterns!

  5. Of course you are liked on FB!

  6. I just started sewing for my 3.5 yr old daughter and TWIN (almost 2 yr old) boys (I didn't realize you were twins until the other day when I sat down and read some stuff on FB)! I would SOOOOOO love to win the pattern pack so I can make some stuff for my little ones! I really love the Waldorf inspired dolls and would love to make each of my little ones....especially since one of the twins keeps stealing his big sister's dolls! :) Love your items! Thank you SO much for sharing your talents! kkatula at triad.rr.com - Kristen Kozeliski Katula

  7. Of course like you on Facebook! :) Thanks again!

    1. oops...forgot to say kkatula {at} triad.rr.com - love your patterns!

  8. I would love to win dress 2 for my 12 month old daughter or a pattern to make her a baby :). Mlafayette at gmail dot com

  9. Love the dress number two.

  10. either dress would be super lovely! thank you! beautiful creations..

  11. following you now! and fb liked!

  12. I would love to win patterns for the little girls dresses! I would love to make each one of my little girls a dress! Their Birthdays are coming up in a week and a month!

  13. I like you and follow you on FB and my blog. I love your unique dolls too!

  14. Patterns since my little girl is a just a little too big for the dresses. :)
    brooke at richardchurch dot com

  15. I would SO love to win the patterns! The dresses are cute cute cute, but I have two little boys. You two are so awesome with what you do, your patterns, and your doll giveaways!

  16. Would love to win the pattern choices! I love the dolls and their accessories, they are just so lovely! 12 apronstrings (at) gmail dot com Thanks!

  17. I "liked" you on FB too! Then I got all distracted reading stuff over on your page and almost forgot to come back! Thanks again.

  18. I would like to win the pattern pack for dress number 2 as the little girls I sew for are in that age range. Cute patterns.

  19. I liked you on facebook and this time I will remember to add my email address carlasinspirations (at) yahoo dot (com)

  20. Congratulations and thanks for the giveaway! :) I'd love to win 2 of your patterns!

    hopefulthreads at yahoo dot com

  21. I'm a facebook fan!

    hopefulthreads at yahoo dot com

  22. I would love to win dress #2 for our fifth child, our first baby girl, Stella Rose. Congratulations on two years!

  23. I liked you on Facebook!

  24. I'd love to win one of your beautiful dresses for my 12m old twins. I'd be very happy with a pattern too! Thanks!