Sunday, February 7, 2010

A St. Patrick's Day Cape (2T) Original Crochet Pattern

Here is another one of my original patterns for you to try...

This is my process for making the patterns...basically writing down each row as I go.

I used hook size I, and Homespun brand yarn

Chain 40
Row 1: Trebble Stitch in the 3rd chain from the hook and Trebble in each of the following stitches, Chain 3 for turning chain.
Row 2: Trebble in the first stitch, put 2 Trebbles in the next stitch, repeat these alternatingly till end of row, Chain 3, turn
Row 3: Trebble in each stitch, Chain 3, turn
Row 4: Trebble in the first stitch, put 2 Trebbles in the next stitch, repeat these alternatingly till end of row, Chain 3, turn
Row 5: Trebble in each stitch, Chain 3, turn
Rows 6-11: Trebble in each stitch, Chain 3, turn
Row 12: Trebble stitch in first 2 stitches, Slip Stitch to next stitch,*Chain 5, Slip Stitch into same stitch as previous Slip Stitch, Chain 5 again, and Slip Stitch in same stitch as before, Chain 5 again an Slip Stitch again into same stitch as before (this makes the look of the 3 leaf clover, all clover leafs are coming from the same stitch anchor like a fan), Slip Stitch next 3 stitches. Always start your next clover IN THE third slip stitch space. Begin at * above. Repeat until the last 2 stitches of the previous row, Trebble in each of these stitches and fasten off.   Every clover has 3 chains of 5, and 3 slip stitches to get to the next clover point.

You may end here, but I decided to add a little shall we say flair, and applied the Shamrock Octagon I made earlier to the back of this cape.  Here is how I did it.

First lay the cape out on a flat surface

Fold the sides in.  The center is found where the edges line up.  Place your finger there, and pin the octagon in place (centered)



Turn the edges back to the other side, and see if the octagon is centered on the back

Use the same yarn as you did the octagon in and begin attaching to the cape.  I did the center first and then
secured each clover and edge all around the perimeter.  

Now for the button...I am partial to making my own, but if you have a button collection, now would be the perfect time to use it up.  Find a real fancy one.  

Here is how I make my buttons: 
Chain 2
Slip Stitch in the first chain
8 Half Double Crochets in the round
Fasten Off

Now since we used a Trebble Stitch, the spaces between the stitches is the perfect size as a button hole.  Find where you would like your button hole to be, and place your button on the opposite lapel in a lined up space.

Now attach that button (securely) using the tails from button itself

Hang and admire
What little girl wouldn't want to have a gorgeous green cape with a whole bunch of little 3 leaf clovers on it for St. Patty's Day...How LUCKY would she be???

Thanks for looking at my pattern and tutorial. 
It was a long day, sorry the pictures are not in the best lighting.  

Questions??? Feel free to ask!!!
Happy Crocheting All~Laura

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